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Dear community members,

Every year, Sanimax invests in its technological equipment in order to be able to deploy the best management practices in its operations. These technologies are central to Sanimax’s operations, as they provide an overview of the efficiency of its activities according to several factors, measured both inside and outside the plant.

In March 2023, Sanimax began a weather tower modernization project at its Montreal plant. After several weeks’ work, Sanimax is proud to announce that this project is now complete, and has been in full operation since June.

Thanks to this infrastructure, the Montreal plant will be able to obtain more accurate, real-time information on :

    • Wind direction;
    • Wind strength
    • Ambient temperature;
    • Ambient humidity.

This data will be useful in adapting our operations to the vagaries of the weather, thereby maximizing efficiency, and continuously improving our operations.

According to our current indicators, we expect to be able to continue processing the organic material received this week, for a gradual shutdown mid-day on Sunday.