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Dear members of the community,

At Sanimax, we are committed to processing the volumes we receive each week quickly and efficiently. For this reason, we pay particular attention to the precise planning of our operations to ensure that they run smoothly.


What is a good plant start?

Every week, our team plans the maintenance that needs to be completed over the weekend, when the plant is closed. These updates are carried out on a regular basis so that the plant can restart on Monday as efficiently as possible.

In concrete terms, a good plant start-up means faster and more efficient processing, and therefore better management of our operations.


Better planning with a new performance indicator

We implemented a new performance indicator to accurately track the number of maintenance jobs completed versus those planned. This information is important to enable us to better plan future work and prioritize it according to its importance.

Thanks to our team of mechanics dedicated to maintenance planning, Sanimax can count on excellent plant departures, while most weekend jobs are completed. This positive balance is the result of rigorous planning based on continuous improvement of our practices.


As for this week’s operations, we expect to be able to continue processing the organic material received this week, for a gradual shutdown mid-day on Sunday.