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Dear community members,


As we approach the Quebec National Holiday weekend, the Sanimax team would like to update you on the status of operations and the sequence we are planning for a hassle-free holiday. We can already confirm that we do not foresee any issues that could have a negative impact on our activities this week.


Sequence of operations and modified schedule


Our Montreal plant will be in limited operation on Friday, until a complete shutdown of production on Saturday evening. There will be no production for the rest of the weekend.


In addition to closely monitoring our operations, we are deploying best management practices to enable us to meet the challenge of processing all the organic matter received in just 4 working days.


It’s important to remember that a good start to our operations, combined with a successful closure process, ensures fast, efficient processing of organic matter, reduces trailer waiting times and consequently ensures optimal management of our operations.


Further communications will be made over the coming weeks to proactively monitor the status of our operations.


Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy National Holiday!


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