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Dear community members,


Every year, Sanimax puts in place measures to adapt its operations to summer conditions. To this end, Sanimax uses all day and every day a misting system, also known as a “fog park”.


How does it work?

  • This system uses a mist applied to the most critical areas: the truck arrival area, the weigh scale, and the northern border of the site, along boulevard Maurice-Duplessis.
  • This technology is just like rain when it makes dust or pollen fall to the ground, preventing it from moving with the wind.


Is it environmentally friendly?

  • The mist is made up of 98% water and a neutralizer. It is a Health Canada-approved product and represents no harm to health.


What is Sanimax doing this year?

  • Sanimax will double the coverage of the misting system in the coming weeks.
  • New areas covered: reception area for trucks and plant chimneys.


This is a concrete step towards continuously improving the management of our operations.


According to our current indicators, we expect to be able to continue efficiently processing the organic matter received this week, for a gradual shut-down this Sunday during mid-day.