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Dear community members,

On behalf of the entire Sanimax Montreal team, we are pleased to share with you our Summer Plan 2023, whose measures are already being rolled out.

This plan involves the following measures :

  • Maintaining the ambient air treatment systems in operation at all times;
  • Use of a misting system in the trailer waiting and weighing areas and along Maurice-Duplessis Boulevard;
  • Increasing the frequency of the trucks and trailers cleaning;
  • Moving organic material trucks and trailers movement through the 7th Street entrance, starting May 1, 2023;
  • Regular communication with the community using digital tools;
  • Participation in meetings with the RDP-PAT and Sanimax Citizens’ Committee;
  • Maintaining transparent communications with the stakeholders.

These measures allow our teams to be more agile in carrying out their mission, in addition to being more adapted to the specific conditions of the summer period. We also want to take this opportunity to present some of our achievements over the past few months:

Launch of several permanent projects:

  • Modernization of the electrical substation with Hydro-Quebec, which allows the plant to be more reliable by minimizing the risks of breakdowns in case of the fluctuation of the electrical supply;
  • Proactive maintenance of the canvas on all the trailers;
  • The installation of a new air-capture system in the processing areas – project completed in 2022;
  • Rehabilitation of the plant roof (5-year project).

Revision of internal processes to ensure better organizational agility:

  • Implementation of the LEAN philosophy at all levels of the company. This provides better control of reception and production and therefore better results in maintenance;
  • Analysis of air treatment operations to identify opportunities for continuous improvement;
  • Deployment of the “Maintenance” project aims to improve the capabilities of the internal teams by increasing the number of supervisors and ensuring preventive and continuous maintenance reviews.

Thanks to the various measures put in place by Sanimax, the waiting time for trucks and the number of reports are constantly improving.

  • Reduction in truck waiting times
    Significant reduction in the number of reports

If you are looking to communicate with Sanimax or to follow Sanimax’s actions, please visit the following resources:


Jean Yvon Plouffe

Plant Manager, Sanimax