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Dear community members,

Committed to doing more and better to improve its cohabitation with the surrounding residents, Sanimax is rigorously working on modernizing its management practices to further control the stability and robustness of its operations.

For several months now, Sanimax has been deploying its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, a management tool central to the success of its operations. More specifically, this tool provides an overview of the company’s various management components (transportation, operations, finance, etc.), which ultimately allows for optimized management to avoid unexpected situations.

This management tool has allowed Sanimax to gain in operational efficiency by increasing the rigour of all its employees from the reception of the organic matter, its treatment to the delivery of its finished products. Because of this rigour, the processing pace has been increased at all levels.

Regarding this week’s operations, Sanimax confirms that operations have been running smoothly since the plant started up last Monday. As we expect to receive matter exceptionally on Saturday for one of our production lines, please note that the plant will be partially shut down on Saturday and then fully shut down during the day on Sunday.