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Dear community members,

The rendering industry comes at the end of the agri-food chain and is always looking for new processes and tools to optimize the treatment and management of the organic material it receives. This newsletter is therefore an opportunity for us to tell you about an important component of our approach to modernizing our practices: continuous training.

When new technologies or management approaches are developed and opportunities for continuous improvement are available, Sanimax ensures that its employees are up-to-date in terms of training. For example, the Sanimax Montreal team has been implementing a new technological structure for the past few months, which will help collect more operating data, useful for optimized production management.

By doing so, our engineering and production teams, through their team managers, have been specially trained in preparation for the efficient deployment of new technological tools. The objective is to equip employees with the right practices so that they can further drive Sanimax towards continuous improvement.

By training its employees on a regular basis, Sanimax is more agile and efficient in the execution of its mission and daily operations. Moreover, this continuous training approach is in line with the deployment of tools stemming from the lean manufacturing approach, which focuses on accountability and on optimizing decision-making.

Finally, we would like to inform you that the processing of the organic matter received this week went well, following the good start-up of our production lines on Monday. The plant is therefore scheduled to be shut down, as planned, on Saturday.