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Comité des citoyens de Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles et de Sanimax

Dear community members,

As fall begins to show its colours, it is time for us to assess our operations for the summer of 2022.

In order to improve our performance, we have been implementing a series of measures contained in our Ready for Summer program since the spring. These measures include keeping the ambient air systems running at all times, using a misting system in the trailer waiting areas, increasing the frequency of truck cleaning and moving the traffic of raw material trucks and trailers through the 7th Street entrance.

In addition to these one-time measures specific to the summer period, we have set in motion several permanent projects. For example, we have completed the modernization of our electrical substation with Hydro-Quebec, which will allow us to be more reliable by minimizing the risks of breakdowns in case of the fluctuation of the electrical supply. We have also maintained the tarps on all our trailers and installed a new air-capture system in one of our processing areas. Finally, we have given particular importance to improving our internal processes in order to remain agile and proactive in the face of various situations that may arise.

In addition to all these actions, we maintain transparent communications with the municipal regulatory authorities and have frequently been communicating with the community throughout the summer via our online channels.

The achievement of the objectives we have set for ourselves is a testament to our determination to do everything possible to ensure a good cohabitation with the community of Rivière-des-Prairies.

As we adapt our communication frequency with the arrival of fall and soon winter, we inform you that we will continue to inform you of our activities on an ad hoc basis, when necessary, and will resume a more regular rhythm next spring.

According to our current indicators, we expect to be able to continue to efficiently process the organic material received this week, for a progressive closure, as usual, this Saturday during the day.