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Dear community members,

We would like to inform you of an unexpected situation that occurred on Wednesday afternoon involving one of the components of our organic matter separators.

Our team detected a technical problem with our separators yesterday afternoon which is slightly slowing down the pace of processing of the material received by our plant.

After extensive investigation of the equipment during the evening and night of Wednesday to Thursday by our engineering and production teams, it was determined that the cause of this technical problem was the premature and unusual deterioration of one of the components of our separators. We will further investigate the source of that deterioration.

The team is currently evaluating the best time to proceed with the repair of this component so as to prevent further delays in the processing of the organic material received. This will occur at the latest during the next planned plant shutdown on the weekend and we have rerouted some organic matter to our other facilities. In the meantime, the Sanimax team is working intensively to limit the impact on the community and to process the material received as quickly as possible.

We will provide an update on this situation in the coming days. Thank you for your understanding.