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Dear community members,

Here is an update regarding the situation that occurred on Wednesday involving one of the components of our organic matter separators, which had the impact of slightly slowing down the processing of organic matter.

Since Wednesday, our team has deployed several measures to closely supervise operations and minimize the impact of this situation in the neighbourhood, including:

  • Systematic rounds in the neighbourhood conducted every hour to detect odours and take action, if necessary;
  • Open communication with the City of Montreal’s environmental inspectors;
  • More frequent updating and revision (twice a day) of the logistics plan to adapt transportation to the changing situation at the plant;
  • Reduction of the volumes received at the Montreal plant by redistributing the organic matter transportation to other facilities;
  • Deep cleaning of the yard using a mechanical broom, carried out systematically every morning;
  • Ongoing coordination with the engineering team to ensure stability and optimal management of operations;
  • Transparent communication with the City of Montreal and the borough of RDP-PAT.

Our team is currently planning the upcoming maintenance actions to be performed during the weekend; the plant will shut down as planned on Saturday and the replacement of the prematurely worn component is scheduled for Sunday.