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Montreal, July 4, 2020 – Sanimax today addresses the concerns of the citizens of its community regarding its activities in Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles. Responding to the issues of the past few years, Sanimax has implemented numerous measures over the past year to strengthen its operations and will continue to do so with the goal of minimizing odour episodes. The company is also committed to actively communicating with authorities and the community to keep them informed of the status of its operations, which it now does in a transparent, proactive and regular basis.

A solid and realistic plan

The first phase of modernization of the facility has yielded concrete results that demonstrate a long-term, sustainable improvement in operations. This work results from better collaboration with municipal authorities and improved operational performance.

“We strongly believe that the measures implemented demonstrates a real desire for change and are part of a new corporate vision, new values of openness and transparency and renewed leadership.” – Vincent Brossard, Vice president, operations.

“Recognizing that such commitments may have been conveyed in the past, the community and the authorities must give us the opportunity to prove our new commitment to them. We now operate with a true will to reduce the impact on citizens. The success of our operations over the past few months, during periods of great heat, clearly demonstrates this. We are convinced that harmonious cohabitation is not only possible, but essential, and we are committed to this goal.” – Vincent Brossard, Vice president, operations.

“As we look to the future, Sanimax is now proactively working to improve the robustness and efficiency of its operations. Put simply, these improvements mean stronger management of operations and a significant reduction in the number of unforeseen events, which ultimately reduces the risk of odours to citizens. Plus, transparent communication with the community makes Sanimax much more responsive to the needs of citizens, allowing it to be in a better position to provide satisfactory solutions to situations that are reported.” – Vincent Brossard, Vice president, operations.

As an essential component of the food chain in Québec, Canada and North America, rendering is a complex industry whose successful operation depends on many external factors, such as:

  • temperature, barometric pressure and winds;
  • the condition of the organic matter received;
  • the specific activities of each client slaughterhouse;
  • the level of food consumption of the population.

As such, Sanimax understands that its activities may generate questions for residents of the community and is doing everything in its power to minimize impacts.

In response to the concerns of neighbours, Sanimax takes these issues very seriously and would like to address them with the following clarifications:


Modernization of the Rivière-des-Prairies facility for odour management
  • Sanimax has implemented several specific actions to strengthen the robustness of its facilities. These investments have made it possible to considerably reduce odour episodes.
  • State-of-the-art technologies, including control software and artificial intelligence, have been integrated to closely monitor operations and to manage potential odour emissions upstream.
  • These actions are part of Sanimax’s long-term vision to increase the speed of organic matter processing, improve the performance of air handling devices, and enhance facility logistics.
  • In addition to the short- and medium-term plan, actions may involve major modifications to the Rivière-des-Prairies facilities and could be spread over several years.
Relations with the City of Montreal – fines and legal proceedings  
  • Sanimax is actively collaborating with the authorities of the City of Montreal and the borough of Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles to foster dialogue, identify solutions and plan the next steps in the modernization of its facilities.
  • Sanimax has always respected all of its legal obligations, with no exceptions, and collaborates professionally with the various authorities. No fines due and payable are unpaid by Sanimax.
Community outreach
  • Sanimax’s approach to communication now emphasizes transparency, proactivity and dialogue. Several communication platforms have been developed in recent months to increase communication with citizens ( for more details).
  • A Citizens Committee of RDP-PAT and Sanimax was recently formed. A first meeting will be held in the second week of July to open dialogue between Sanimax and the community. The first meeting was originally scheduled for April, but COVID-19 has delayed its organization.
  • A formal citizens’ application and election process have been put in place leading to the election of citizens neighbouring Sanimax facilities.
Transport management
  • Sanimax has been deploying tangible measures for more than a year now that address the transport of organic matter and respond to the direct needs expressed by citizens and elected officials.
  • During the summer, Sanimax adapts its operations and logistics to enable the trucks and trailers to travel along 7th Street, thereby limiting the impact on the community.
  • The installation of spill guards and anti-spill grates on all trailers.
  • Among the measures put in place, we can mention, for example, a reinforcement of the awareness training program for drivers transporting organic matter and the implementation of driving monitoring systems.