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Dear community members,

Since the beginning of the week, the processing of organic matter has been completed at a steady pace, despite a significant amount of organic matter to be processed in only four working days. The efficiency and robustness of our operations have therefore prevented the emission of odours in the neighbourhood, reflecting the positive impact of our modernization plan on our activities and on the community.

Relevance of the start of operations and optimization of maintenance

The successful start of our operations at the beginning of the week is one of the most critical elements to ensure fast and efficient treatment of organic matter, thus avoiding odour episodes in the neighbourhood.

In a proactive response to concerns expressed by neighbourhood residents and to improve its practices, Sanimax has implemented a new procedure for the maintenance of its facilities, starting this week. This optimization measure will make it easier to get operations up and running week after week.

Faster and more efficient reporting

We encourage you to report episodes of odour directly to us. Your feedback allows us to quickly take the necessary actions to correct the situation, in conjunction with the data provided by our software and artificial intelligence.

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