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Dear members of the community,


Sanimax is proud to have dedicated employees who are committed to keeping the plant running smoothly. Thanks to internal procedures, our employees are encouraged to be proactive when problems arise.

For example, if an employee observes a spill, either on or off site, he or she must immediately notify a superior so that action can be taken as quickly as possible. Our employees must also rigorously inspect the yard and trailers. When these fail to meet standards, our workers issue statements so that measures can be taken to correct the situation. These two internal examples are just some of the many other procedures in place to ensure the smooth running of our operations.

In this way, Sanimax’s success relies on the ability of its employees to help each other and pass on their knowledge and best practices. This commitment is an essential ingredient in ensuring good community relations.


We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we expect to be able to continue efficiently processing the organic material received this week, with a complete shutdown of our operations on Saturday night.