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Dear community members,

As we head into the Labor Day weekend, we want to confirm that operations are once again running smoothly, allowing us to process the organic matter we have been receiving smoothly and efficiently since start-up earlier this week. Our engineering, production and maintenance teams do not foresee any issues that could have an impact over the long weekend.

We expect to begin the process of shutting down the plant this Saturday afternoon and to be completely completed by Saturday evening at the latest, with no operations until Tuesday morning. Our employees are mobilized and committed so that the plant can achieve another successful and timely start-up on Tuesday morning, to effectively process the matter received during the upcoming four (4) day week for slaughterhouses. We are working together to contribute to Quebec’s circular economy and meet the needs of citizens.

We will be communicating with you again next Tuesday to provide an update on operations following the statutory holiday.

We wish you a good Labor Day weekend.