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Dear community members,

As the Quebec National Day approaches, the Sanimax team would like to keep you informed of the state of our operations and the sequence we are planning for a relaxed holiday.

We can confirm that the start-up of our plant is proceeding smoothly and efficiently as we enter this week. We do not foresee any issues that could impact our operations this week.

Operations sequence

As some slaughterhouses will complete their operations during the day on June 24, our RDP-PAT plant will have limited operations for part of the day and will be shut down during the day. Operations will gradually resume late Friday until Saturday, when the plant will be shut down as usual during the day.

A close follow-up of our operations and best management practices are deployed to enable us to meet the challenge of processing all the organic material received in only 4 business days. Let’s remember that a good start-up of our operations and a successful closure process will ensure a quick and efficient treatment of the organic material, reduce the waiting time of the trailers and thus ensure optimal management of the impacts on the surrounding community.

Further communications will be made this week to proactively keep you up to date on the state of our operations.

We invite you to visit our Web page, join our Facebook group and follow our newsletters to get the most up-to-date information.

We invite you to visit our Web page, to join our Facebook group and to subscribe to our newsletters to get the most up-to-date information on our operations.