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Dear community members,

As for the week of the Quebec National Day, we would like to inform you of the state of our operations in preparation for this Thursday’s holiday.

The start-up of our plant today went smoothly, which allows us to foresee an efficient treatment of the organic matter throughout the week.

Inspection of our equipment

After analyzing the reports received last week, our team proceeded with a thorough inspection of our air treatment system. This action allowed us to identify that there seems to be a temporary misalignment of the air treatment, which may have caused occasional odours during the plant’s start-ups last Monday and Friday. A maintenance is therefore planned for this Thursday, during the next scheduled shutdown of the plant, to proceed with the in-depth cleaning of certain components of the system, which is expected to fix the situation limited to the start-up of the operations.

Operations sequence

As some slaughterhouses in Quebec will remain open on Canada Day, our RDP-PAT plant will be in reduced operation this Thursday and will shut down during the day. Just like last week, our operations will gradually resume late Friday, with a planned shutdown during the day on Saturday.

Our teams are working continuously to keep a close eye on our operations and to adapt to the volumes received to ensure that all the matter received is processed as quickly as possible. By operating efficiently and without delay, we can ensure that our operations are well managed and have minimal impact on the community.

Please note that we will be communicating several times this week to keep you informed of the status of our operations.

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