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Dear community members,

As Victoria Day weekend is coming up, we are pleased to confirm that our operations are running smoothly and efficiently in preparation for the long weekend and that we do not foresee any issues that could have an impact during the weekend.  

The Sanimax team will begin the shutdown process this Saturday, starting at 3:00 p.m. (end of trucks reception), for a complete shutdown of operations until Monday night.

All actions have been taken to ensure that the operations will go smoothly and that our plant can restart without delay on Tuesday morning. We remind you that the successful start-up of our operations is essential to ensure a quick and efficient processing of the organic material, to reduce the waiting time of trailer-trucks and therefore to ensure an optimal management of the impacts on the neighbouring community.

As a reminder, the following measures have been in place since the beginning of May to reduce the impact of our operations on the community:

  • Shifting the traffic of trucks of organic matter through the 7th Street entrance;
  • Operating the ambient air odour abatement systems at all times;
  • Using a misting system in the trailer waiting areas, weighing areas and along Maurice-Duplessis Boulevard;
  • Implementation of an air capture pilot project on a finished product silo.

Finally, we would like to remind you that Sanimax has made major investments in recent months and that special measures for the summer have been deployed to ensure maximum robustness and fluidity of operations in preparation for the summer period.  

Fast and efficient reporting

We invite you to contact us to report any unusual situation. Thanks to your comments and our advanced technological tools, we will be able to quickly evaluate the potential causes and therefore deploy the necessary actions to correct the situation.

To contact Sanimax or the City of Montreal, please use the following phone numbers:

  • Sanimax – Citizen Services: 514-648-1083
  • Service de l’Environnement de la Ville de Montréal : 514-280-4330 (choose the “Environment” option

We invite you to visit our Web page, to join our Facebook group and to subscribe to our monthly newsletters to get the most up-to-date information on our operations.

We wish you a good weekend and a happy Victoria Day.