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We are already well into the summer and we are glad to note your interest in our activities in Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles.

In our latest newsletter, we update you on the creation of the Citizens Committee of RDP-PAT and Sanimax, on odour notification and on the actions we are taking.

Election of citizen members of the Citizens Committee of RDP-PAT and Sanimax

Sanimax is pleased to announce the results of the citizen member elections for the Citizens Committee of RDP-PAT and Sanimax for the three selected sectors. A virtual election was held on June 22 among all candidates who submitted their applications. The elected are :

West Sector: Joelle-Daphnée ORVIL

East Sector: Guylène BELLEY

South Sector: Bunna LIM

The other members of the committee are as follows:

  • The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Member of Parliament for Honoré-Mercier
  • Chantal Rouleau, MNA for Pointe-aux-Trembles
  • Marc Tanguay, MNA for LaFontaine
  • Lisa Christensen, Borough Councillor – La Pointe-aux-Prairies
  • Vincent Brossard, Sanimax representative
  • Marc Gervais, Sanimax representative
  • Rémi Bujold, President of the Citizens Committee of RDP-PAT and Sanimax

A first meeting of the Committee was held on 9 July 2020.

Odour control measures: automation and artificial intelligence

As well as ensuring that organic matter is treated as efficiently as possible on a daily basis, we now have several tools to significantly reduce the emission of unwanted odours, especially through the use of artificial intelligence and software that automates certain operations. This first phase of artificial intelligence deployment was implemented to improve Sanimax’s environmental performance and gives us complete visibility of our operations.

It is part of a continuous improvement approach to our operations. In fact, the modernization plans and investments planned for our facility were aimed, in particular, at optimizing our systems, strengthening mechanical capacity and reviewing the site layout to improve operational efficiency. All these investments have already shown positive results.

Sanimax takes action, each and every day

Our team listens to concerns you may have about our operations. Every complaint we receive is immediately investigated, not only to identify the source of the odours, but also to ensure quick implementation of lasting solutions.

Here are a few examples of concrete actions taken in recent months:

1) Responding to odour complaints

During May, we received an unusually high number of complaints related to an odour episode. The date and time of the complaints allowed us to link this event to the treatment of blood contained in a closed tank, which a slaughterhouse had kept at home.

The late arrival of this organic material should not have occurred. We have taken appropriate measures with this slaughterhouse to avoid this kind of event in the future.

2) Responding to an unforeseen event

As mentioned earlier this summer, the odour episode during the week of the Québec National Holiday was caused by a late start-up of the plant.

This situation, which is not related to the odours felt last summer, enabled us to learn several lessons:

  1. As a good start to operations is essential, we have implemented a schedule review of departures during the weekends to avoid any delays;
  2. We increased the number of resources in the plant at the beginning of the week to support operators during start-ups.

These examples demonstrate the importance we give to the complaints we receive. Each of them provides us with valuable information that allows us to target and intervene quickly.

3) To keep you informed: our digital and social media platforms

As we see the number of subscribers growing on our various digital platforms and social media, we remind you of our commitment to respond quickly to your comments, which we are actively doing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has joined our various platforms.

For the latest information and to subscribe to our newsletter, visit and the Sanimax Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles (RDP-PAT) Facebook group.

We look forward to continuing our constructive dialogue!