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Being the end link of the agri-food industry, Sanimax plays a key environmental function in reducing the industry’s carbon footprint through the reclaiming and the renewing of inedible food by-products. Rendering is a complex industry, constantly developing new technologies to improve the quality of its operations and its environmental impact.

As such, Sanimax Montreal is proud to be named finalist in the 2021 Concours ESTim of the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal (CCEM), in the Sustainable Development category, for its innovation in energy-efficient recovery.  


The process developed is a unique innovation in the industry that recovers the energy associated with the feather and silk transformation process. This energy-efficient optimization allows the Montreal facility to reduce its total energy consumption by 10%, which corresponds to a reduction of 3,000 tons of GHGs per year.  

This unique in-line evaporation process allows for the use of unused energy and further enhances the plant’s stability and operational capacity, particularly for the chicken processing line. Ultimately, this reduces the waiting time for trailer trucks, a key condition to ensure a respectful cohabitation with the community, all year long.  

This project received financial support from the Écoperformance program of Transition énergétique Québec and from Énergir.

2021 Concours ESTim

The CCEM’s Concours ESTim aims at rewarding companies and organizations proudly established in Eastern Montreal that stand out through innovative projects combining leadership, determination and success. The winners of the Concours ESTim will be revealed on June 10, 2021.