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Dear community members,

In recognition of Labour Day, Sanimax would like to highlight the dedicated work of its employees, who are mobilized every day to recover, renew and transform the organic matter of Quebec’s agri-food industry.

In Montreal alone, more than 300 employees, many of whom live in Rivière-des-Prairies, contribute to giving a new life to non-edible organic materials and transforming them into key components for the production of pet food, biodiesel, medicines, fertilizers, solvents, paints, tires, cosmetics and wax crayons, among other things. Across Quebec only, Sanimax supports approximately 550 direct jobs, serves more than 18,000 suppliers and customers and is headquartered in Montreal.

While 4-day weeks can be challenging, we are pleased to confirm that our operations for the week are continuing at a steady pace, allowing us to plan for efficient processing of the organic material received until the plant shutdown, which is still scheduled for Saturday, during the day.