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Dear community members,

You have probably heard about the crisis in the poultry industry due to a union conflict in one of the largest slaughterhouses in the province. This uncommon situation has unfortunately led to the euthanasia of nearly 500,000 chickens in Quebec.

Sanimax plays a key role in preventing the euthanized chickens from ending up in landfills, and instead, are processed into by-products (fat and protein) that are useful for the various industries we serve. The circular economy is the core of our company’s mission to provide a new life to the organic matter that is not consumed.

We can confirm that all volumes of matter resulting from the current situation are being processed and will be processed by our plant located near Quebec City. Therefore, there will be no additional chicken volumes at the Montreal plant. As such, the situation will not impact our regular RDP-PAT operations and we will shutdown our operations this Saturday as planned.