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Dear community members,

Even after Labour Day, Sanimax has to deal more and more frequently with hot temperatures during the month of September. These weather conditions must be taken into account to ensure that operations run smoothly.

Why does heat make operations more complex?

Heatwaves are particularly complex periods for everyone involved in the industry. The very high temperatures accelerate the degradation of the matter we receive. Because the matter is less dense, our equipment cannot operate at full capacity, which makes processing more complex.

What does Sanimax do during heatwaves?

Sanimax adapts its processes to adjust the speed and pressure parameters according to the state of the material. This is why a good start-up, robust equipment and efficient operations are essential to ensure the best possible management of operations during long periods of heatwave.

With a view to continuous improvement, Sanimax has implemented a number of measures in recent months, including predictive and preventive maintenance of equipment and optimization of its transport logistics to ensure sustained and efficient processing of the material received.

This week, we are planning a gradual closure on Sunday.