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Dear community members,

On behalf of the entire Sanimax Montreal team and just in time for the long weekend, we are pleased to share with you the measures planned for the upcoming summer at our Rivière-des-Prairies plant: our Ready for Summer plan.

As a reminder, here is an overview of the measures we are deploying on a regular basis to improve our performance:

  • Continuous improvements to our preventive and predictive maintenance processes and programs and follow-up on our rolling stock and facilities, resulting in high operational reliability;
  • Continuous improvements to the weekly operational start-up process;
  • Continuation of the weekly (every Sunday) maintenance review process;
  • Increased and ongoing training of our drivers;
  • Installation and maintenance of tarps on all our trailers;
  • Regular calibration of our state-of-the-art technology;
  • Installation of an air curtain system on the doors of one of our reception bays;
  • Finalization of our electrical substation with Hydro-Quebec to increase the electrical robustness of the plant during stormy periods;
  • Installation of a new air collection system in one of our process areas;
  • Continuation of the air capture pilot project.

This Spring, we began the implementation of our Ready for Summer plan, which involves a shift in our operational mode specifically for the summer period:

  • Moving raw material truck and trailer traffic through the 7th Street entrance, as of May 1, 2022;
  • Maintaining the ambient air systems in operation at all times;
  • Using a misting system in the trailer waiting and weighing areas and along Maurice-Duplessis Boulevard;
  • Increasing the frequency of the cleaning of trucks and trailers;
  • Expansion and systematization of communication with the community through digital platforms (dedicated website, newsletters, Facebook group, etc.);
  • Maintaining transparent communications with regulatory and political authorities.

These measures demonstrate our commitment to doing everything we can to ensure a good cohabitation with the community of Rivière-des-Prairies.

Finally, in addition to the measures that are specific to our Montreal plant, we are currently working with the Québec government to implement sustainable measures as part of our overall investment and modernization plan for our Quebec plants. Some measures have already been implemented or are planned in several of our plants and are a testament to our successful collaboration with local authorities.

Operations status prior to the Québec National Day

In preparation for the long weekend, some slaughterhouses will finish their operations during the day on June 24. As such, the entire Sanimax team was mobilized to ensure a successful start-up of the facility this week and to keep operations running smoothly throughout the week. These actions are essential to allow us to process all the material we receive during the week and to ensure a complete and timely shut-down for the weekend.

We can confirm that last Monday’s start-up went well, allowing us to process all the organic matter received at a steady pace throughout the week. As of today, we expect to shut down the facility on Saturday morning.

If you are looking to communicate with Sanimax or to follow Sanimax’s actions, please visit the following resources:


Jean Yvon Plouffe

Plant Manager, Sanimax