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Dear community members,

The beginning of summer usually rhymes with good weather, but also with the occurrence of severe storms. Thus, we have recently finalized our electrical substation with Hydro-Quebec. This important project requiring investments of nearly one million dollars and carried out in collaboration with Hydro-Quebec will allow the plant’s electrical network to be more reliable by minimizing the risk of breakdowns. This improvement will have a positive impact on odour management in the community. We have seen the results of this during the last two major storms since the beginning of the summer, as no issues have been reported: great news!

This initiative is one of the key measures deployed as part of our Ready for Summer program. The achievement of the objectives we have set is a testament to our determination to do everything we can to ensure a better cohabitation with the Rivière-des-Prairies community.

Based on our current indicators, we expect to be able to continue to efficiently process the organic material received this week. We expect to finish all our operations on Saturday evening.